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Vancouver, British Columbia – June 18, 2019 – GGX GOLD CORP. (TSX.v: GGX) (OTCQB: GGXXD) (the “Company” or “GGX”) is pleased to announce it has arranged a non-brokered private placement of up to $700,000 in non-flow-through financing and up to $1,050,000 in flow-through financing. Proceeds from the private placement will be used for the continued exploration work on the Gold Drop Property, potential project acquisitions, property option payments as well as general working capital.

Aggressive exploration program for 2019

Gold Drop Property
Gold, Silver & Tellurium

2018 Drill Highlights: 129 g/t gold and 1,154 g/t silver over 7.28 meter

2019 drilling continues to follow up on our excellent 2018 drill results on our Gold Drop property. 

(32 holes to date in 2019) and we will be announcing results throughout June, July & August.


Phoenix Project

+30 Past Producing Mines
“With such a high concentration of mines, a likely deeper mineralized feeder system(s) may exist beneath the mines. New technology will allow us to quickly find out.”

With the completion of an independent third party valuation of the Phoenix property and completion of our due diligence we are near to completing our acquisition of the adjacent Phoenix property.

This will be a major milestone for GGX Gold and its shareholders as we will soon set out to show if there is in fact a deep mineralized feeder system beneath the +30 past producing mines on the property.

We strongly believe and data suggests that the Phoenix property is very similar to the nearby Copper Mountain and New Afton mines which were closed in the mid-nineties but restarted in early 2000 by new owners who showed that there remained deeper feeder systems to be mined and the previous owners were only scratching the surface.

And importantly we plan to do this in a short period of time.

Upon completion of our current financing we will immediately fly the ZTEM deep penetration airborne system over the Phoenix property in search of the feeder system(s) for the extensive surface mines & mineralization.

ZTEM flying and data processing estimated 4-6 weeks.

Airborne geophysical targets will then be quantified and qualified and drill targets will be selected and drilled.

First drills in the ground estimated: 3-4weeks from completion of ZTEM survey.


All in all this is a very aggressive program for the summer of 2019 with the results potentially being a major milestone for the company and its shareholders.

If our modelling and data analysis of the Phoenix property is correct and there is a major mineralized feeder system beneath the open pit Phoenix mine similar to the neighboring Copper Mountain mine in Princeton B.C. and the New Afton mine in Kamloops B.C., the “Phoenix will once again rise from the ashes” and produce new jobs for the surrounding communities and tremendous share value for GGX shareholders.


Roll back & Financing

We recently completed a 3:1 roll back and followed with our  announced plans to do a $1.75M financing (see attached).

Even though we only had ~55 million shares outstanding we felt it was necessary to roll back the stock to remove a group of “shorters” who held a large block of warrants and would not let the stock move beyond $0.14 where they would short and buy back below $0.10.

We feel the roll back has now accomplished this and a major obstacle has been removed from allowing the share price to more forward.

Because we completed a roll back in conjunction with our announced plans for the acquisition and rapid development of the Phoenix property, our market cap has not decreased as was expected by a few of our concerned shareholders but remains strong and we expect it to increase as we aggressively move forward on our projects and continuously release positive news.

Here are some videos to view and a fact sheet download to provide you with more information on our projects.

Phoenix Property Video

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 Gold Drop Drilling Video

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Interview with GGX President

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Download GGX Gold Fact Sheet

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