May 17, 2018.

GGX Gold has mobilized an additional piece of heavy equipment to the Gold Drop Property

May 2, 2018.

GGX Gold (TSXV:GGX) Completed drill holes 25 through 30 on the company’s Gold Drop Property

April 26, 2018.

GGX Gold; Three additional drill holes completed at the Everest Vein


March 28, 2018.

GGX Gold (TSXV:GGX) 24 diamond drill holes completed on the Gold Drop Property


March 28, 2018.

GGX Gold First 3 diamond drill holes completed on the Everest Vein on its Gold Drop Property


March 23, 2018.

GGX Gold Adds 2nd Diamond Drill to Gold Drop to Test New Discovery

March 21, 2018.

GGX Gold (TSXV: GGX) Drill program completed on Holes 7 to 9 on the Gold Drop Property

March 16, 2018.

GGX Gold (TSXV:GGX) completes 2nd 3 drill holes on Gold Drop Property

March 13, 2018.


First 3 holes of the 2018 Phase III drill program completed


February 28, 2018.

GGX Gold (TSXV:GGX) Plans to initiate phase III 2018 winter drill program.


February 27, 2018.

GGX Gold – Booth #2951 – PDAC 2018.


February 14, 2018.

GGX Gold (TSXV:GGX) is permitted for trenching and drilling

on the Gold Drop Project.


January 10, 2018.

GGX Gold Released soil sample analytical results from

2017 fall program on the Gold Drop Property.


December 28, 2017.

GGX Discusses Aggressive Exploration Initiative within Prolific Golden Triangle.


November 20, 2017.

GGX Gold (TSXV:GGX) Private Placement – Raising $250,000


November 8, 2017.

GGX Gold Reported grab sample assay results from

several areas at high grade Gold Drop Property.


October 25, 2017.

GGX Gold: Additional drill core results from its

Phase II Drill Program at its Gold Drop Property.


October 4, 2017.

GGX Gold (TSXV:GGX) The Phase II diamond drill program

on its Gold Drop Property is Completed.


September 7, 2017.

GGX Gold (TSXV:GGX) Gold Drop Project ~

Results for the second batch of drill core samples.


August 31, 2017.

GGX Gold (TSXV:GGX) Gold Drop Property ~

A Detailed Soil Sampling & Prospecting Program Completed.


August 28, 2017.


released the 1st batch of analytical results from the Gold Drop Project


August 15, 2017.


received initial payments from investment in Syndicate of properties.


August 8, 2017.


announces flow through private placement.

August 1, 2017.


1st Phase of Drilling Completed & 2nd Phase Started on its Gold Drop Property

July 24, 2017.


Discovered a New Gold & Silver Bearing Quartz Vein at the Gold Drop Project.