GGX GOLD CORP. (TSX-V: GGX) is a gold exploration company primarily focused in southern BC: The Gold Drop mine in Greenwood has permits in place for 2018 drilling and trenching. GGX’s current strategy is to prove up existing reserves and begin small scale production on the Gold Drop mine.

The Gold Drop Project is located 40 km from Grand Forks, British Columbia in geologically prospective ground in the well-mineralized Greenwood District. GGX Gold saw a very successful season in 2017 and has extensive plans ongoing in 2018. The COD Vein is of a particular area of interest with drill samples such as Hole COD17-14 which included 4.59g/t Gold and 38.64g/t Silver over 16.03m. With a history of visible gold, The Gold Drop Property has seen high grade gold production as recent as the 1980s. GGX is active on the Gold Drop Property; stayed tuned for news.

Private Syndicate: GGX Gold owns nine percent of a private syndicate focused on project generation within the Golden Triangle. The private syndicate includes some of the original team members that generated, prospected and staked the Coffee Creek claims in 1998. Two deals have already been completed with stock and cash payments generated for GGX.

Interactive 3D Model of Gold Drop Drill Hole Intercepts: